About Cris

Cristine Patolot found her true calling when she was nine years old. That’s when she baked her first chiffon cake. So when she finally got the chance to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef, she jumped. After exhaustive research, she enrolled in the internationally renowned French Pastry School.

Since then, Cris has worked at Macy’s Culinary Kitchen and also started her own specialty cake business – Cristine’s Fine Pastries.

Cris had the distinction of being selected to assist world-famous chocolatier Thomas Haas at the World Pastry Forum, an International competition of top chefs held every two years and aired by the Food Network. She has also studied under world-famous cake designers and Food Network judges Nicholas Lodge, Colette Peters and Kerry Vincent.

Cris continues to specialize in the latest trends and techniques in modern pastry making. She recently completed courses conducted by Chef Laurent LeDaniel, M.O.F., coach of Team France which won gold medal in 2006 World Pastry Forum, and award winning pastry chef Thierry Mulhaupt.

Cristine Patolot | French Cakes

Creating my customer’s dream cake takes a lot of dedication and hardworking hours.  Every detail counts when it comes to transforming an idea into an edible art.  The payoff are the smiles I see when my customer pick-up their cake creation.  It is the biggest reward.