Cake Storage & Serving :


  1. Allow 2-3 hrs in room temperature before cutting the cake you just pick up.
  2. Take out fondant decorations on a stick or wire before cutting your cake or from “Smash Cake” before serving it or giving it to your child to be eaten, decorations are for taking pictures only, they are edible but also can be CHOKING hazard especially for kids. Please use best judgement. Always ask us what is edible and what is not about cake decorations on your cake.
  3. Remove silk ribbons around the cake, sometimes they are joined with a decorative pin to attached the bow, this also need to be removed before cutting, the pin should be disposed safely before cutting the cake.
  4. If the cake is not going to be eaten the same day. The cake should be stored in the freezer. Thaw the night before in a regular refrigerator. The cake should be in room temperature for 2-3 hours before cutting.
  5. Serving size are only suggestions but cake can be cut according to your need.

Travelling with the Cake :

  1. Cake can travel for 1 hour without worries.
  2. Cake should be placed in a flat surface and secured with a rubber mat or anything that will keep it from moving.
  3. Please let us know when ordering if your cake is traveling more than 1 hour so we can freeze the cake for you and you can travel with it safely.